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Children’s participation. Moving forward together. Promising practices from Save the Children thematic priorities and the EVERY ONE Campaign.

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Save the Children International

This brochure explains Save the Children’s child participation work. By sharing examples of promising practices, Save the Children demonstrates how its Theory of Change is applied in support of meaningful children’s participation within each of Save the Children’s six Global Initiatives. Recommendations on how to strengthen children’s participation across all Save the Children initiatives are included in the brochure. It also sums up what children can expect of Save the Children’s staff and partners in their child participation practice. These Practice Standards apply to all Save the Children’s child participation work and represent the minimum expectations of the ways in which staff should behave and operate. The seven practice standards are: 1. An ethical approach; 2. Children’s participation is relevant and voluntary; 3. A child-friendly, enabling environment; 4. Equality of opportunity; 5. Staff are effective and confident; 6. Participation promotes the safety and protection of children; and 7. Ensuring follow-up and evaluation

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