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                                                      Child Protection Systems

                                                      Strengthening child protection systems is at the heart of Save the Children’s child protection programming in both development and humanitarian contexts. Child protection systems strengthening is about improving child protection systems in a practical, systematic and comprehensive way. It involves assessing the current system and determining how to strengthen the system. The approach requires an analysis of the socio-political and cultural context related to child protection, to collaboration and to building the capacities of agencies responsible for children in both government and civil society. Recognition should also be given to the protection capacities of communities, families, and children themselves. Taking a systems approach to child protection does not mean that Save the Children is expected to strengthen the entire national child protection system. It does however mean that consideration should be given to planning programmes and implementing them with a view to how they contribute to strengthening the overall system. Save the Children’s Child Protection Systems Guidance for Country Offices, produced in 2019, is of particular relevance in supporting Save the Children staff and partners to work with child protection systems. It provides a definition, and overview of key components and their interrelatedness, pulls together lessons learned in Child Protection Systems programming in both humanitarian and development contexts, key principles, cross cutting issues and details of the eight components. The guidance supports country offices in determining the most relevant strategies and roles they can play to strengthen the child protection system in their context and provides guidance on monitoring and evaluating their work in this area.

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