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Bördan de kom med. Rapport från forskningsprojektet: Barn i asylprocessen som utvecklade uppgivenhetssymtom i Sverige

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Save the Children Sweden

Upon close review of the information and facts of the events surrounding the situation in the country of origin of 33 asylum-seeking children in Sweden, it became clear that the prior exposure to traumatic events suffered by these mothers and children are primary risk factors for the development of hopelessness and helplessness symptoms. The depression-withdrawal stress reactions are tightly related to the experiences suffered by traumatised asylum-seeking families. Young refugee children fall sick shortly after arrival in Sweden, especially when the mother has been exposed to traumatic events and the child has been present during a violent incident or been the victim of violence. An initial check and collection of background data on the child and the family history should be prioritised to prevent similar situations in the future, and the provision of adequate mental health services for asylum-seeking families should be ensured.

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