Young Voices - Kosovo 2016

Save the Children Kosovo, in cooperation with the Institution of the Ombudsperson of Kosovo, has carried out the Young Voices survey to address the views of children on all matters that affect them under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Young Voices was inspired by a Save the Children Sweden survey conducted and finalized in 2014.

Young Voices is a nation-wide survey carried out among 1588 young people aged 12-16 in Kosovo by Save the Children, in order to get their views and ideas on violence, bullying, costs in schools, knowledge about rights, the future and much more. It is the right of the child to express their opinions and views regarding the realization of their rights. Children’s feelings should be known and taken into consideration in all environments which directly have an impact on children’s lives. This includes school, home, leisure activities and community, and also political decision making on issues concerning them. Furthermore, children’s experiences and opinions should be known to decision makers in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall situation of children. Children’s impact on decision-making, specifically on decisions that affect them directly, will enrich and improve as well as foster the implementation of the decision itself.

The goal of Young Voices is to become a useful tool in discussions with politicians, policy-makers and other stakeholders concerning conditions of children and young people. We hope that Young Voices will inspire the creation of arenas of influence at all levels, all based on the children’s own conditions and terms.

To view all of the Young Voices national surveys, please visit the collection page.

Published 2016-11-22

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