From Words to Action: A decade fighting child trafficking in Mozambique

Words into Action: A decade of fighting trafficking in Mozambique is the story of how the government stepped up to their responsibilities for children, and how Save the Children contributed to this process.

Influencing systemic change is often seen as difficult and complicated since many contextual factors influence the final result. Yet, there are several good examples of how Save the Children has succeeded in encouraging lasting systemic change for children. This project used a step-by-step approach to gradually secure the needed laws, policies, and funding decisions needed to develop a national protection system. Over a 10-year period, the project continued to be relevant within its context and gradually transferred responsibilities from Save the Children, who had initiated the program, into the hands of the government. The success of the project rested upon building strategic partnerships, integrating advocacy into the project approach, and working consistently towards a long-term goal. 


Published 2018-09-25