A Systematic Literature Review of the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children: The Philippines

In 2016, the Philippines was identified as a potential Pathfinder Country within the Global Partnership on Ending Violence Against Children. Pathfinder countries will be at the forefront of the Global Partnership in preventing violence, protecting children and making society safer for them.

In order to best identify what needs to be done to end violence, policymakers and professionals need to know the drivers of violence against children in the Philippines. This literature review was carried out by the UNICEF Philippines Office with local academic partners, the University of the Philippines Manila, the Child Protection Network Foundation, and technical assistance from the University of Edinburgh.

The study strives to clarify the complex factors that drive violence against children and allow cycles of violence to continue by looking at both boys and girls at different stages of life, from the very young to older adolescents. By translating quality research into evidence, this study turns evidence into effective and meaningful interventions for children.

Published 2016-12-19

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