Subsidios para los más pobres ¿serán beneficiados los niños en extrema pobreza?

This document provides information on the different components of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes in Latin America and also seeks to assess the effectiveness and social impact of these programmes on highly marginalized communities. The conditional CCT  programmes have been proven to be very effective in helping poor families and is an important instrument for reducing poverty and improving the future of children through increased investment in their health, nutrition, education and wellbeing.  CCT programmes y have also worked effectively in increasing school enrolment and attendance.   Although largely positive, the results so far have not been consistent across every programme, and this report includes both positive and negative experiences in terms of the operation of the CCT programmes.  The countries covered in this report are Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras.  

This report, written by Henrique Vásquez H., is the results of collaboration between Universidad del Pacífico, Lima and Save the Children

Published 2014-02-25

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