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Speaking freely: Children and young people in Europe take action on ending violence against children in custody. Campaign Report

This report is published as part of the Ending Violence against Children in Custody project, coordinated by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) and funded by the European Commission’s Daphne III programme. The Ending Violence against Children in Custody project has two main elements: a research phase – consisting of a desk based legal analysis of the rules governing custody and interviews with children and young people – and a campaigning phase, during which young people developed their own campaigns based on the recommendations from their research.
This report describes the activities carried out by childrenn and young people in Austria, Cyprus, England, the Netherlands and Romania during the campaigning phase of the project. It sets out the issues on which the young campaigners decided to take action and the outcomes and achievements of their campaigning activities.

Published 2013-02-11

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