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Economic Playgrounds: Comparing the lives of children in G20 countries

As the world's premier economic forum, the G20 has the power to change the lives of billions of people currently excluded from global progress, a significant portion of whom are children. Save the Children commends their recent goal to lift collective economic growth by two percent over the next five years, which could reach those children and families in need. However, the quality of economic growth and prosperity needs to be analyzed so that it is inclusive, i.e. all children and families can both participate in and benefit from economic growth. Unequal economic growth is not the answer.

This report looks solely at G20 economies while focusing on dimensions that affect the lives of children: health, education, income, safety, employment, gender equality, infrastructure, and environment. The outcomes should be used by their respective countries to set new standards of measuring progress. By focusing on inclusive growth and reducing in-country inequality, we have the power to change the lives of billions of people left untouched by economic growth.

Published 2014-09-24

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