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Civil Society Partners' capacity as advocates for the rights of the child. Thematic Review of Save the Children Sweden

The purpose of this assessment carried out by Save the Children Sweden (SCS) is to get a picture of the current status of the support provided by SCS of its partners' organisational capacity development (competence and capacity) and to identify the steps needed to take for the fulfilment of the objective of SCS's general work with civil society organizations. The countries/regions included in this review are Bangladesh, Sudan, Lebanon, Southern Africa, and Latin America. The key issues of interest are whether SCS's partners have developed their roles as child advocates, whether lessons have been learned, and what the implications are for further development of SCS's support to civil society partners. The target groups for this review are in particular the Board of SCS, the International Department of SCS at head office, field offices and their partners. The review can also have relevance for other SC members, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and other actors with interest in development of partnership and in children's rights.

Published 2012-02-10