Children and Non-Discrimination: Interdisciplinary textbook

Funded by the European Commission, the project “Children’s Rights Erasmus Academic Network” presents this interdisciplinary textbook on the child’s right to non-discrimination and equality, Art 2 of the UN CRC.

The textbook aims to fill the existing literature gap related to Article 2 of the UN CRC, as well as to promote its understanding and how it affects children’s rights. Discrimination against children exists in various life domains of the child and this textbook strives to shed light on these moments and to discuss the ways to non-discrimination and the value of equality.

Divided into two parts, the first provides an overview of the most important international legal instruments for non-discrimination. The second part focuses on specific forms of discrimination, risks as a result of recent technologies, and the child’s own capacities and competences to protect their rights.

Published 2015-10-29

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