Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2011: The numbers and trends

In the year 2011, natural disasters once again had a devastating impact on human society. Worldwide, 332 reported natural disasters caused the death of more than 30 770 people, made 244.7 million victims and caused a record amount of US$ 366.1 billion of damages. A total of 101 countries were hit by these disasters. The five countries that were most often hit, the Philippines, the United States, China, India and Indonesia, accounted for 31% of total disaster occurrence in 2011. Year after year, these countries top the list of countries experiencing the highest number of disaster events.
The 2011 annual review of disaster figures is based on the EM-DAT database, a worldwide database on disasters. The database aims to provide an evidence base to the international community to assist humanitarian action at both national and international levels; rationalize decision-making for disaster preparedness; and provide an objective basis for vulnerability assessment and priority setting

Published 2012-07-23