Alternative care in Laos: An exploratory study with children and caregivers

An exploratory study undertaken by Save the Children in 2013 on Alternative Care in Laos, in partnership with McGill University (Canada) and the National University of Laos.

This report summarizes the findings of a study on parental and alternative childcare in Luang Prabang (LPB) and Xayabury (XYB) provinces in Northern Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The specific objectives were to document (a) existing family and community practices aimed at preventing parental separation and promoting parental care and family reintegration; and (b) alternative care arrangements for children separated or removed from, abandoned, or relinquished by their parents in these provinces. This includes kinship, community-based, and residential care alternatives.

The specific research questions of this study are:

a) How are children cared for in XYB and LPB provinces?

b) How are decisions made regarding children (formal and informal) alternative care?

c) What are the (perceived) effects on these care situations on child wellbeing?

d) What would help parents and families prevent child separation, abandonment, and relinquishment?


Published 2014-01-23

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