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Young Voices 2 – Mongolia 2018: A child integrity survey report

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Save the Children,Transparency International

Young Voices 2 was conducted by Save the Children in Mongolia (SM) and Transparency International Mongolia (TIM) in association with the Young Voices Group of child advocates. It follows on from a previous Young Voices survey in 2017 which highlighted children’s concerns about unfair practices within the education system.

The survey asked young people about their perceptions of integrity and their experiences of honesty, fairness and conflicts of interest.

At the launch, National Human Rights Commissioner, Ganbayar N., said that children’s observations in the report shed light not only on the world they lived in today, but also on the ethical choices they expected to make in the future.

Read this follow-up report to learn more about key findings from the child integrity survey. 

To read the original Young Voices – Mongolia report from 2017, go here.

To view all of the Young Voices national surveys, please visit the collection page.

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