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The Rights of the Child. Analytical report. Flash Eurobarometer European Commission (No 273)

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Eurobarometer,The Gallup Organization Europé

This Flash Eurobarometer survey on “The Rights of the Child” (No 273) requested by the Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security, was carried out in May 2009, and is part of a trend survey. The results of the previous wave were published in 2008 – Flash Eurobarometer survey No 235 (Related document). The current report presents comparative data between the two surveys, which were conducted to determine how much young people aged 15-18 years knew about the Rights of the Child, the extent to which these rights were protected and which actions should be taken as a priority to improve them at national and European levels. Both surveys were carried out across the EU based on telephone interviews with 10,000 randomly selected young people age range 15 to 18. In detail, the surveys examined the respondents’: knowledge about their specific rights; opinions to how those rights were protected; experiences in asking for help; opinions about the main areas of legislation that affected them; ideas about national and Europe-wide actions to be taken; and opinions about the easiest ways of finding out more information about their rights.

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