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An overview on Save the Children’s work on investment in children in 10 European countries

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Save the Children

As part of the EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship operational grant 2012, Save the Children’s Child Rights Governance Initiative (CRGI) commissioned two studies related to ‘Investment in Children’ among 10 Save the Children (SC) Members in Europe. Investment in Children is identified as one of the global priority areas to be addressed under the thematic area of Child Rights Governance. The aim of the study is to establish an overview of what kind of work relating to Investment in Children SC Members have carried out in ten European countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden and UK. The report starts by making an overview analysis on common trends, approaches and differences among the SC Members in these countries in relation to their Investment in Children related work (Chapter 2). Chapter 3 analyzes the work of the European SC Members within the framework of Investment in Children and especially against the activity categories identified in the Investment in Children Concept Note. Chapter 4 includes brief country specific summaries on the Investment in Children related work by the 10 European Save the Children Members, results achieved so far, main challenges faced, future plans as well as their related collaboration with other actors within and outside Save the Children at the international, European and domestic levels. Chapter 5 includes conclusions and recommendations. The second study related to Investment in Children is an overview on where and how to find information on government spending on child rights in 10 European countries, and can be accessed through the link provided under ‘Related documents’.

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