Never Work Alone. Trade Unions and NGOs joining forces to combat Forced Labour and Trafficking in Europe

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Anti-Slavery International,ITUC, The International Trade Union Confederation

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Anti-Slavery International (ASI) have jointly produced “Never Work Alone”, a guide intended for trade unions and civil society organisations in combating modern-day slavery and trafficking of workers. The report is the result of a two-year project in which trade unions and NGOs have looked into each other’s actions and approaches to combat slavery and labour trafficking. It examines different approaches and shows four major common grounds for action, each of them documented with a series of best practices. The report explains the real potential for unions and NGOs to improve their combined outreach, to intervene together in individual or collective cases and to organise joint campaigns, training and other activities. Progress is already being made in building cooperation with unions and NGOs active in the area of forced labour who are addressing the trafficking issue and providing direct assistance to victims. The report includes concrete examples of how NGOs and trade unions have, and can join forces, to deal with trafficking and forced labour across Europe.

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