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Mi fortaleza es mi trabajo: de la demanda a la propuesta

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UNATSBO, Unión de Niños y Niñas Trabajadores de Bolivia

In Bolivia – a country where an estimated 800,000 children work full time jobs – The Bolivian Union of Working Children and Adolescents, UNATSBO, has sent a proposal to the government in which they call for the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights of working children. The bill, included in the publication entitled “Mi fortaleza es mi trabajo: de la demanda a la propuesta” (my work is my strength: from the demands to the proposal ) explains that “children work for many different reasons, and very different too are the conditions they work in, going from harsh and unhappy work in exploitative conditions to employment as part of the learning process, the development and life itself of peasant communities”. The lack of recognition of child workers is the major obstacle in achieving better living conditions for working children.
This book, produced by UNATSBO throughout 2010, is part of a broad consultation process among children, adolescents, workers, teachers, support organisations, professionals and local and national authorities. With the support of Save the Children and Terre des Hommes Switzerland and TdH Germany, UNATSBO identified their specific demands for regulating their work and putting the proposal together.

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