Little Invisible Slaves 2022: Trafficking dossier

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Save the Children Italy

Trafficking of human beings is one of the most profitable and widespread illicit markets in the world, together with those of drugs and weapons.

This report shows how much the phenomenon of trafficking and exploitation is on the rise. Nonetheless, the data reported in Little Invisible Slaves only represents the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, global emergencies, including Covid-19, have exacerbated the conditions of already marginalized people and minors, increasing the number of victims exploited in private houses or buildings, and therefore more difficult to be individuated and protected.

Criminal networks have indeed rapidly adapted to the external conditions and have developed very efficient online and indoor exploitative measures. This has caused a huge increase of victims with children, which represents one of the biggest challenges that the anti-trafficking and exploitation system/organizations need/s to respond to.

The essential aim of this report is to underline the characteristics of trafficking and exploitation, including the main profiles of victims in Italy, with the scope of raising awareness and implementing new and modern measures to contrast the phenomenon and protect its victims.

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