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Interactive Capacity Development for System Innovation in Development co-operation​ (IXUS) Toolkit Series

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During 2022 and 2023, Save the Children Sweden, Sida, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and several Swedish organisations working in the international development space came together to collectively explore how they could better understand complex adaptive social-ecological systems, including the aid system, the processes of transforming them, and implications for their work. They explored these questions through a series of dialogues, and this resulted in a joint briefing document which captures their learning. You can download it, below.
It also resulted in a recognition that there is much more to learn, and a desire to do so collectively, sharing together and supporting each other in this journey. The production of this toolkit series is among the first follow-on activities.

The toolkits are freely available for anyone to use and learn from. They’re aimed most specifically towards practitioners in the international development space; those who at the beginning of their learning on systems and complexity; those who want to revisit basics, and changemakers who seek practical tools for understanding and navigating complex systems.
Welcome to the complexity curious journey!

Joint briefing on systems innovation and the Swedish development sector.

Acknowledgements: This collection was created by the Interaktiv kapacitetsutveckling för systeminnovation i utvecklingssamarbete/Interactive capacity development for system innovation in development co-operation (IXUS) collaboration, supported by a grant from Sida, and building upon thought leadership in a number of changemaker programmes from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, University of Cape Town, Adapt, Southern Africa Food Labs, University of Waterloo, and University of Victoria.


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