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Education Under Fire: How Conflict in the Middle East is Depriving Children of Their Schooling

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

Produced and published by UNICEF, this publication investigates how conflict in the Middle East is depriving children of their schooling. As conflict continues and spreads, schools – and the children and teachers that use them – are finding themselves in the line of fire. 13 million children in the region are not attending school as a direct or indirect of armed conflict.

Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan have been greatly affected by conflict. Years of investment and achievements in education are wiped away by conflict, crippling the development of education systems.

With no end in sight, there is every reason to fear that the huge number of children already out of school will continue to grow. By examining the impact of conflict on education, UNICEF provides key recommendations on responding to the educational needs of children in conflict-affected countries. 

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