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Child Protection Needs Assessment with Refugees from Ukraine

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IMPACT Initiatives,Save the Children International

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  • Child friendly briefs with findings from the children’s consultations
  • Regional factsheets for Cash and Child Protection
  • Country briefs on protection needs of children, adolescents and their caregivers displaced from Ukraine

Save the Children International and IMPACT Initiatives conducted a mixed-method child protection needs assessment with refugees from Ukraine, which included a longitudinal phone survey with Ukrainian household across Europe, child consultations, focus groups discussion with caregivers, and interviews with service providers and key stakeholders.

Child Consultations

As part of this assessment, IMPACT Initiatives and Save the Children International conducted child consultations to better understand the needs and perspectives of Ukrainian refugee children who fled to Romania and Poland upon the outbreak of the war. The ultimate goal of these consultations was to help ensure that children’s opinions and voices shape the programmes and policies, and enabling the fulfilment of their right to participation.

The consultations took between December 2022 and February 2023 in different locations in Romania (Bucharest, Galati and Suceava) and Poland (Warsaw and Krakow). In total, 46 gender- and age-disaggregated focus group discussions were conducted with 307 children and adolescents at child-friendly spaces run by Save the Children and partners.

The findings of the consultations were synthesized into child friendly briefs to close the feedback loop with children and adolescents who participated in the consultations. Two child friendly briefs were produced per country (one for 8-12 years old and one for adolescents). The briefs were translated to Ukrainian, English, and Romanian. The briefs were further revised by a group of children and caregivers in Romania who gave their feedback on the design, content, and the impact of the briefs.

Other Data Sources

As part of this assessment, IMPACT Initiatives conducted a monthly longitudinal phone survey with refugees from Ukraine in Europe, which included 15,272 household interviews regarding child protection and financial aspects of refugee’s lives, between November 2022 And April 2023.

Moreover, IMPACT Initiatives conducted 18 gender-separated Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with 115 caregivers and six FGDs with 33 host community members were organized. Finally, IMPACT Initiatives conducted 34 Key Informant Interviews with government, UN and non-government representatives from child protection, healthcare, and education sectors.

The data from the consultations and survey will be analysed together and findings will be presented in a Research Briefs and Reports, to be released later in 2023.

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