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Bond Free – A Study on Boys Rescued from Bonded Labour

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Groupe Développement

Estimates show that anywhere between 60 to 115 million children are working today in India – children are being trafficked within and across national borders to work in different industries. Many of them face severe forms of physical, psychological and sexual violence. This study contains facts about children who have been rescued from gold sweatshops in Raigarhpura and Bidhanpura of the Karol Bagh area in New Delhi. West Bengal has, over the years, shown a growing trend in migration of both boys and girls, and in most cases emphasis has been placed on understanding the social phenomenon of the trafficking / migration of girls. This pilot study throws some light upon the migration / trafficking of boys, explores what strategies need to be developed to challenge trafficking, and looks at the policies and schemes put in place to enable the rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and recovery of trafficked victims in India.

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