Young Voices - Jordan 2018

Young Voices is a nation-wide survey on what children think about all issues that concern them under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Nearly 45% of Jordan’s population is under 19 years old. As Jordan is a signatory of the CRC, the Government is duty bound to ensure that the rights of all children throughout Jordan are respected and heard. Save the Children Jordan undertook the Young Voices national survey, gathering responses from 1,500 children, ages 12, 14, and 17. Among the study’s many findings was a concern for respect: 80% of participants believe that politicians and decision-makers should listen to the opinions of children and young people

The goal of The Young Voices Report is to be a useful tool in discussions with politicians, policy-makers, duty-bearers and other stakeholders. People who make decisions about factors related to children’s lives – at school, at home, during leisure activities and in the community – can therefore have access to information and an understanding of how children feel.

Read the report and brochure or watch the film to learn more about the key findings and Young Voices in Jordan.

To view all of the Young Voices national surveys, please visit the collection page.

Published 2018-10-01

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