Young Voices - Armenia 2017

Young Voices is a nation-wide survey on what children think about certain issues concerning themselves. Save the Children in Armenia carried out the Young Voices survey using questionnaires and focus group discussions among 1200 children across all 10 Regions of Armenia and the capital Yerevan. The questions refer to community, regional and national scope of responsibilities and themes, such as participation in decision making, education, security, the perceptions on future and psychosocial problems. The survey is structured around selected articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) with consideration of recommendations received from the Committee on the Rights of the Child identified as key challenges for Armenia. The survey also covers other areas of interest related to projects implemented by Save the Children in Armenia and World Vision Armenia, with the intention to explore children’s views and perceptions about the issues affecting their well-being. The results of the survey provide a unique opportunity for policy makers and executive bodies on all levels, as well as for donors and child focused organizations to design an informed programmes tailored to the expressed needs and aspirations of children, thus ensuring meaningful participation of children. 

The survey was originally developed by Save the Children Sweden, who conducted similar research in Sweden and supported implementation in a number of countries in the region. Save the Children in Armenia in close partnership with World Vision Armenia and the Human Rights Defender’s Office of the Republic of Armenia (Ombudsman of RA) have slightly adapted it to better fi t the Armenian context.

Published 2017-11-22

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