WASH Challenges to Girls’ Menstrual Hygiene Management in Metro Manila, Masbate, and South Central Mindanao, Philippines

This study examines water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) conditions that affect Philippine schoolgirls' hygienic management of their menstruation. The study collects qualitative data from 13 schools across three regions of the Philippines. Unreliable access to water, lack of disposal mechanisms for menstrual materials, unclean facilities, and an insufficient number of latrines were identified as the key barriers to effective menstrual management in Masbate and Metro Manila. In South Central Mindanao, there was greater oversight of WASH hardware at schools and hardware was in better condition, which created a better environment for girls to manage menstruation in school. The study concludes that effective WASH environments for girls that help their menstruation management require sustained support and system oversight, combined with knowledge and information.

Published 2018-02-27

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