Violence Against Children in Southern Sudan: A Participatory Study on PHP, Sexual Abuse and Early and Forced Marriage

This study contains an updated and in-depth information on the vulnerability of children in Southern Sudan, especially when it comes to Physical and Humiliating Punishment (PHP), sexual abuse and early and forced marriages. The study reveales that the prevalence and the magnitude of the problem of physical and humiliating punishment is alarmingly high. Almost all children who were involved in the study as respondents confirmed that they had been subjected to various forms of PHP with varying degrees of impact on their quality of life. The main purpose of this study is to get an overview of the scope, character, and to some extent, the causes of physical and humiliating punishment, sexual abuse and early and forced marriage among children in southern Sudan. It is aimed at capturing the experiences and views of children and their suggestions for improvements.

Published 2010-03-26

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