Utanförskap, Våld och Kärlek till Orten: Barns röster om att växa upp i utsatta kommuner och förorter

Social Exclusion, Violence, and Love to the City-Suburbs: Children's voices on growing up in vulnerable communities

All children in Sweden are entitled to the same rights under the Convention of the Rights of the Child. These rights include the right to an education, protection from violence, and the opportunity to develop to their full potential. While these rights exist on paper, not all children in Sweden experience these rights in full. Statistics show that children from some municipalities and city suburbs score worse in school performance, economic opportunities, and health outcomes.

This report by the Barnombudsman (Swedish Child Ombudsman) consulted 900 children from vulnerable areas of Sweden about their experiences and situations. Based on their thoughts and opinions, this report formulates recommendations for how Swedish municipalities can better ensure that children are afforded the rights they are entitled to.

Published 2018-03-27