Training Course for Auxiliary Social Workers: HIV-sensitive child protection

This course was initially developed for the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) in DRC. The aim of the course was to develop an appropriate training program for social auxiliaries that would be rolled out to all para professional social service workforce engaged with children, either in the government or non-government and community sector.

The training, in compliance with good practices, was designed to be based on the previously recognized functions and competencies of social workers already in place in DRC. The course has been developed in line with International Alliance on Social Service Personnel’s core functions and competencies. These functions and competencies were field-tested in DRC by community workers and their supervisors. The original French-language version, DRC National Training Curriculum for Para-Social Workers Working with Vulnerable Children, has been translated into English and modified to be applicable in similar resource-constrained contexts.

Published 2019-02-09