In Their Words: Perspectives of armed non-state actors on the protection of children from the effects of armed conflict

The motivation behind In Their Words: Perspectives of Armed Non-State Actors on the Protection of Children from the Effects of Armed Conflict is to help ensure that international efforts to protect children from the effects of armed conflict, and particularly the impact of armed non-State actors (NSAs), do not cause as much - or more - harm as the conflict itself.

Contributions to the report come from NSAs which operate in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and are based on a framework questionnaire prepared by Geneva Call. The responses are the perspectives of the NSAs themselves, for which they alone should be held accountable. Contributions have not been verified or fact-checked, and have only been edited for purposes of language and efficiency. Nothing should be read as an endorsement of any particular position, statement, recommendation or action. 

The goal of this publication is to break down stereotypes while promoting accountability and appropriate responses to the protection of children in areas where NSAs operate. If readers come away with a better understanding of how the issues are perceived by at least some NSAs, then it has helped to ensure that the good intentions of the international community are translated into improved conditions for children suffering the effects of armed conflict.

Published 2019-01-08