Study: Children at risk in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon - 2015

In July 2015, Geneva Call and cultural and social association Nashit launched a survey covering seven Palestinian camps (Ain el-Hilweh, Mieh w Mieh, Burj el-Shamali, Rashidiya, Shatila, Burj el-Barajneh, Beddawi) on the risks affecting children under the age of eighteen. Because the research seeks to examine the relationship between the level of education, economic conditions, and the rates of violence among children aged 15-17, the survey does not cover the community as a whole, nor does it address the political, social, and psychological aspects which are additional considerations also affecting the existence of increasing violence.

The study is based on the classification of the answers in specific tables, in order to clarify the content – precise data and percentages – to the reader. The answers are listed according to the most frequently answered to facilitate the reading.

Published 2019-06-13