Street children stories. Nobody's children are everyone's children. Voices from the street and for the street

Each street child has its own destiny and its own story. The following stories sent by Member Organizations of the European Federation for Street Children (EFSC), illustrate such destinies giving a voice to these children who are often invisible. They also show the great humanitarian support work that these organizations are carrying out to help those children living on the streets, the majority of them in very precarious conditions. Beyond the specific differences of each case, most of the stories have a common theme that shows the families situation, the experiences of poverty and social exclusion, as well as the initial difficulties experienced in the first contact with the NGOs and their ability to accept help. They often speak a simple but authentic language describing the reasons for their situation in an honest way and therefore strongly accusing a cold and ignorant society that ┬┤produces` them.

Published 2012-01-24