Sårbar og Søgende: Viden og værktøjer til at skabe dialog med udsatte unge om grænser og seksualitet på nettet

Puberty is a time of transition; when children begin their journey toward adulthood. During this time, social media provides a great opportunity to develop and challenge themselves, including exploring their own sexuality. Social media provides a platform for exploration, self-expression, and community. While these are positive aspects of online media that we endorse, we cannot neglect the risk involved when teenagers are exposed in such a manner. Adults around youth should be able to support and guide them on how to navigate their digital life.

While social media might be seen as a private sphere, or adults being unaware of how to navigate this new realm themselves, it is important that they are provided with the information and tools to protect vulnerable and at-risk youth online. This material has been developed to assist professionals who work with at-risk populations. To prevent online sexual assault or harassment, persistent and non-judgmental dialogue with young people about sexuality and boundaries is needed--this requires knowledge and tools, some of which this booklet sets out to provide.

Published 2018-03-19