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The Right to Asylum between Islamic Shari'ah and International Refugee Law: A Comparative Study

"The Right to Asylum, between Islamic Shari’ah and International Refugee Law: Comparative Study", written by Professor Abou El-Wafa, Dean of the Law Faculty at Cairo University, and sponsored by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), is a timely study of the Arab and Islamic values which have served, directly and indirectly, as a reference for many international laws and conventions. The study describes how Islamic law and tradition respects refugees, including non-Muslims; forbids forcing them to change their beliefs; avoids compromising their rights; seeks to reunite families; and guarantees the protection of their lives and property. Racism, xenophobia and populist fear-mongering manipulate public opinion and confuse refugees with illegal migrants, and even terrorists, contributing to misperceptions about Islam. This book serves as a valuable reference and should be read by anyone working or interested in human rights, refugees and migration issues.

Published 2010-06-01