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Religion & Sexuality: A report on faith-based responses to children's comprehensive sexuality education and information

As the world is rapidly becoming more complex, with many children maturing earlier and being exposed to competing sources of information, the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information (CSE & I) has become urgent. There is a growing need to ensure that children are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and information regarding their sexuality in order for them to be in a better position to navigate the present and the future. In this quest, families, schools and religious institutions have key roles to play. Religious institutions are well placed to influence positive developments in relation to CSE & I for children in Africa because they are found in most communities and wield a lot of influence. Consequently, organisations that work with religious leaders can play a major role in rolling out CSE & I on the continent.

CSE & I seeks to mobilise religious leaders to “catch them young” by equipping children with knowledge and skills and a positive view of sexuality and sex. The project aims to:

  • Improve children’s knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviour through sharing information on SRHE (Sexual and Reproductive Health Education) as a strategy to combat the impact of HIV and Aids
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination while building the resilience of children
Published 2016-04-11

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