Releasing Children's Potential and Minimizing Risks: ICTs, the internet and violence against children

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have profound effects upon societies around the world. They provide enormous benefits and opportunities for communicating, learning, delivering services, and doing business.

For children, ICTs and the internet represent an important opportunity for empowerment and engagement. Children are not passive recipients of information; they are engaged participants in the online world.

ICTs also heighten the potential impact of existing forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation of children. This publication was influenced by input from national and international experts who attended the SRSG’s international consultation on this issue in June 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica. This publication provides information on the dangers children possibly face from ICTs and the internet. It concludes with 7 crucial steps for a safe, inclusive and empowering digital agenda for children, which governments should enact. 

Published 2014-11-18

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