Rapid Needs Assessment: Drought situation in Bari, Nugal and Sanaag regions of Somalia

Most of the areas of Puntland, in particular, the Bari, Nugal, and Sanag regions, have witnessed below average rains since Gu 2015. In November 2015, cyclones Chapala and Megh caused significant damage and affected more than 70,000 people. Later in 2015, the development of an El-Nino system intensified poor performance of rains across the mainland. The interplay of these weather-related occurrences has exacerbated the poor humanitarian situation by creating fresh pressures.

According to UNOCHA, an estimated 511,000 persons are in need of immediate, life-saving assistance in Bari, Nugal, and Sanag regions.

Critical issues identified during the assessment included loss of livelihoods, poor access to drinking water and food, and high prevalence of malnutrition. Access to basic services such as health, education, sanitation, and protection were also chronic concerns. 

Published 2017-12-21

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