Qualitative Study to Identify Positive Deviants for Female Genital Mutiliation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Selected Districts in Sierra Leone

This research evidence about female gential mutilation in Sierra Leone was generated to help develop innovative strategies that strenghten the demand for FGM/C abandonment and to raise awareness around the subject. In Sierra Leone the term "joining Bondo" or "being a Bondo member" is used to indicate that a woman has undergone FGM/C. In line with Save the Chidren's misssion to focus on gender and social norms which drive harmful behaviours and practices, key actions will be developed to guide interventions based on a cluster of locally discovered solutions for FGM/C abandonment. This research has shown that communities in Sierra Leone exist where families and girls are deciding not to join 'Bondo' and if their position can be supported, then other community members are likely to consider their reasoning and emulate their actions. 

Published 2020-12-09