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Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Adolescent Refugees: A Case Study of Save the Children’s Work in Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory

A Case Study of Save the Children’s work in Aida Refugee Camp, near the West Bank town of Bethlehem, occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), on the promotion of adolescent refugees' sexual and reproductive health rights  (ASRHRs). This study is the outcome of a collaborative initiative between Save the Children and local Palestinian partners UNRWA and Juzoor, and its main objective is to identify lessons learned that can be replicated in other refugee camp settings across oPt.

The evaluation was primarily based on the feedback, experiences and perceptions from the mothers and adolescents who directly participated in the project, and also from the wider community through conducting semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. Whilst the  project has had excellent outcomes and has greatly impacted adolescents, mothers and families within Aida camp, its biggest failure was the lack of direct involvement and engagement of fathers, deemed absolutely necessary considering the male dominant culture in the region.

The report ends with a number of useful recommendations on how the programme to promote ASRHRs in Aida Camp can be improved to allow more adolescents and communities in oPt to benefit from it.

Published 2013-09-23

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