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A Process Oriented Approach (POA) To Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Save the Children has adopted an approach to sexuality education, which is known as the Process Oriented Approach to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (POA). The POA is targeted at the adult community, which has been highlighted to be a critical stakeholder in Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information discourse. This approach involves each person going on a personal journey, and includes a great deal of introspection, personal reflection and the internalisation of concepts in order for participants to fully understand how they feel about the issues that are included in comprehensive sexuality education.

The key to this approach is changing mind-sets regarding issues of sexuality and gender, to internalise thinking about these issues and to challenge entrenched ways of thinking. This approach is built on years of field experience, where it has been found that sexuality education provided by those who have had the opportunity to go through this personal process is non-judgmental, more realistic and youth friendly when compared to other approaches, and is therefore more effective.

Published 2016-04-11

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