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Problemas en los servicios de salud y justicia en la atención a víctimas de violación sexual en el Perú: Un estudio exploratorio sobre el departamento de huánuco

El Departmento de Huánco reported an increase in reported rape during the past years, which implies a greater demand for services for the care of the victims. This makes it necessary to know the potential problems that can affect the protection of the rights of people who are undergoing a process with the State.

This exploratory study of health and justice services in Peru examines the route of care through the State that victims transit as well as the experiences of the actors involved in these services. The study thus attempts to:

  • make an extensive inventory of problems along this route
  • identify categories of problems based on their specific manifestations
  • and identify fields associated with the problems encountered.

The data and analysis of this study provide the basis for further studies to address these problems, to understand the factors that influence their configuration, and to explore the risks they pose to the protection of the rights of rape victims in Peru.

Published 2017-02-21

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