Prevalence of Corporal Punishment and other forms of Humiliating Punishment on Children in Swaziland

This study’s aim is to establish the prevalence of corporal and humiliating punishment on children in both schools and homes. Participation in the study was from pupils, teachers and parents in the four regions of the country on Save the Children project sites. The main objective of the study is to determine the prevalence of corporal punishment and the extent to which it is practiced on children.

Findings from the study revealed that corporal and other forms of humiliating punishment were  known to the pupils (64.5%) but their explanation of what it was was not clear and concise. Their definition showed scattered thoughts on what it was and did not reflect all the aspects of corporal and humiliating punishment. Thus a gap was evident and the need to raise awareness on what corporal and humiliating punishment is is necessary.

Published 2016-08-22

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