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A Practical Approach to Gender-Based Violence: A programme guide for health care providers & managers

A Practical Approach to Gender-based Violence: A Programme Guide for Health Care Providers and Managers, offers step-by-step guidance on how Reproductive Health (RH) facilities can begin their own Gender-based Violence (GBV) projects. Three project options are presented in this Programme Guide:

• Project A involves displaying material about GBV (including information about where women can get help) in the public and private rooms of the facility.
• Project B includes displaying GBV material and also asking all clients about GBV. If clients say that they have experienced GBV, they are then referred to an outside group that provides the necessary care and support.
• Project C includes all of the activities of Projects A & B, and also offers on-site treatment for survivors of GBV.

These project models allow a facility to choose the one that will best fit their physical plant, financial and referral resources and capability. The Programme Guide also helps prepare the facility by guiding the clinic through the different practical steps needed to integrate their particular GBV project choice into their existing activities. The Projects are modular, and a facility may begin with Project A and later expand it into B or C.

Published 2018-07-27

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