Pathways to a Better Future: A review of education for migrant children in Thailand

The Thai government, international NGOs and aid agencies, and local community based organizations have invested significant resources and efforts to provide education services for the growing number of migrant children whose parents have come to Thailand for work. However, the quality and availability of education varies significantly across the country.

In order to identify best practices, determine the weaknesses of the system, assess the challenges being experienced by children and their parents, and to understand the needs of migrant communities, current education opportunities to migrant children in Thailand need to be investigated and explored.

This research report includes a review of data and existing literature as well as primary research in two migrant communities in Thailand: Bangkok and Mae Sot. It is hoped that the findings from this report will be able to influence change that will strengthen education for current and future generations of migrant children living in Thailand. The report concludes with evidence-based recommendations for the Thai government and other invested parties.

The full report, policy brief, and reading assessment are available for download. For more information on Save the Children's work in Thailand, visit the website.

Published 2015-04-17

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