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No Way Forward, No Way Out: Human rights infringements facing refugees and displaced people in Belgium

Ahead of the consideration of the sixth periodic report submitted by Belgium on 15 October 2019, at the 127th session of the Human Rights Committee, Refugee Rights Europe (RRE), in collaboration with La Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés and others, submitted a version of this report to the United Nations.

‘No Way Forward, No Way Out’ is an updated and expanded version of our evidence submission, based on Refugee Rights Europe’s independent field research investigating and documenting the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in Belgium during 2018, as well as desk research, evidence and input from La Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, and Refugee Community Kitchen.

Published 2021-05-17

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