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No Mother Wants her Child to Migrate: Vulnerability of children on the move in the Horn of Africa

This report by UNICEF Innocenti Office of Reseach presents the results of a qualitative study looking into the situation of children in the move on the Horn of Africa. Each month, children and young adults leave Somaliland seeking a better life abroad. Reasons for leaving include the desire for better educational opportunities and better employment opportunities. This phenomenon of youth movement is known as tahriib, and has gone so far as to be labeled by some as a 'national disaster.'

The report draws on 282 interviews and focus group discussions with children and parents on the move. The research examined the reasons behind moving and the problems children and youth face when they migrate. It also investigates the protection systems that exist and whether they are effectively reaching children. Lastly, it makes the recommendation to strengthen child protection systems on the ground. 

Published 2019-07-10