Navigating the system: Advice provision for young refugees and migrants

The Migrant Children’s Project has published a new report called ‘Navigating the System: Advice provision for young refugees and migrants‘. The report looks at the complex administrative and legal processes that separated children have to navigate and the range of professionals who can offer advice and guidance to them. The study focuses on ‘separated’ children and young people (often referred to as ‘unaccompanied’), who have been separated from their parent/s or primary caregiver, have been deprived of their family environment. It includes those who have claimed asylum as well as those with other types of immigration cases who, while they may not be fleeing persecution, will often face similar legal challenges. This report has been compiled using a variety of complementary primary and secondary data in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the issues facing young refugees and migrants in England. As well as referring to evidence identified in a literature review, the report draws on findings from a survey conducted with 41 NGOs, charities and law firms, together with interviews of 26 professionals working with this group across England.

Published 2012-05-24