National Budget Tracking in Child Related Ministries - Bangladesh

The report 'National Budget Tracking in Child Related Ministries' has been conducted jointly by the Department of Development Studies and Save the Children Sweden- Denmark in Bangladesh. This report intends to investigate the trend of allocation, implementation, coverage and output of three key sectors, i.e. education, health and social protection, which are directly related to children and their well-being. In total, seven ministries – Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Labour and Employment – have been covered under these three sectors. The report is based on budget data collected from the Ministry of Finance. In addition, information about projects, programs, coverage and output are gathered from the relevant ministries, various reports on ministry performance and credible internet sources.

Published 2013-02-28

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