Når Børn og Unge Deler Intime Billeder på Nettet

Using mobile phones and photo media is at the center of children's everyday life. It is how they communicate with each other, share experiences from their everyday life, and it helps them create a social life. However, in the internet space, different norms and rules apply compared to our physical spaces. Privacy and consent do not have the same meaning online. Sharing intimate pictures and media is incredibly easy, but may come with severe consequences for those involved.

In 2015, Save the Children Denmark in collaboration with Center for Digital Education and the Media Council for Children and Youth, launched a project called "Have you been Naked on the Internet?" with the purpose of helping children and youth who have been exposed online. It became abundantly clear that many children and youth need help when their intimate pictures have been shared online without their consent.

This booklet has been produced for adults--parents, teachers, educators, and the police--to provide a more nuanced view of being a teenager in the digital age. Based on interviews with six youth between the ages of 14 and 22, the booklet investigates problems that arise when a child or youth has intimate pictures shared online against their will. The report asks: How does it happen? Why did it happen? How do we assist these victims?

Published 2018-03-19

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