MELQO-IDELA Bangladesh Baseline Report: June 2015

Aligned with the government’s vision for universal pre-primary education in Bangladesh, Save the Children has been implementing one-year pre-primary education programs for children aged 5 years through different projects in multiple districts in Bangladesh.

In 2014, an extended preschool program for children aged 3-4 years began on a small scale in Meherpur district: the goal was to test a two-year program model (targeting children aged 3-4 years) and document the value-added of an extra year of preschool. 

This baseline study assesses 498 children who took part in this intervention, as well as comparison communities using the International Development and Early Learning Assessment (IDELA) supplemented with additional questions and tools developed by the Measuring Early Learning and Quality Outcomes Initiative (MELQO). 

Published 2019-09-25